By Michael J. Novak, Maryland Performance Excellence Foundation

Maryland Performance Excellence Awards (MPEA) Program Examiners were recognized on Thursday, October 8, during the Program’s annual Awards Ceremony.

Ramona Hill was designated as “Master Examiner” for having served as Team Leader for two full award cycles. Sixteen Examiners were newly designated “Senior Examiners” for having participated in all phases of the 2015 MPEA examination cycle.

Ramona Hill and Scott Atkin were recognized as “Examiner of the Year” for their sustained superior performance and exceptional leadership as Team Leaders during the 2015 examination cycle.

Six Examiners – Deborah Aceto, Marcela Cámpoli, Carolyn Candiello, Leslie Gilbert, Reid Spearman, and Jennie Vincent – received the MPEA “Above and Beyond” Award. This award recognizes superior effort and performance by Examiners in their assigned roles and other team duties as assigned.

Two Examiners – Lara Wilson and Lisa Eden – received the MPEA “Rookie of the Year” Award. This award recognizes outstanding effort and performance on the part of Examiners who have never before served as Examiners in a Baldrige-based award program.